Cloth Diapering 101

WHAT? WHY? No I am not crazy and no I do not enjoy washing out poop… Let me start by saying you can save THOUSANDS, literally.

Now that I have your attention, many of you will immediately turn your nose up at this before even considering the benefits, but if you think pins and plastic pants when you think cloth diapering, its time to take another look at diapers for todays moms. I want to encourage you to open your mind and consider the possibilities for your wallet, the environment, and your little one! I think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy and inexpensive (compared to disposable) it is!


I decided to cloth diaper when my daughter was 1 month old officially making the switch at 2 1/2 months. I like to do my part to help the environment but I honestly just wanted to save money. I found out when my daughter was just a few weeks old, that I would never be able to breast feed her, it was not physically or medically possible for me to do so. Knowing we would be spending an incredible amount on formula I started looking for ways to save money and cloth diapering seemed to balance out the cost! So began our adventure…


There are dozens of different cloth diapers and hundreds of companies out there claiming to be the best! I am only an expert on what I use as I have n0t made my “rounds” with different brands or types. I use one size pocket diapers. There are prefolds, diaper covers, wool soakers, hybrids, i can go on!

The diapers I use are exclusively made by Just Simply Baby (JSB). This company was recommended by a friend and after researching every brand out there they made the most sense for our family. Their prices are better than comparable brands and its a small online only company ran my a mom of 4! Like them on facebook because they have amazing deals they post weekly! Many times you can get complete diaper packages for $200 (%50 off)! Not to mention they give you 30 days to use the diapers and if you just decide that you hate cloth diapers you can send them back! You can also use other brands I hear are good also Fuzzibunz, Alvas, and Bumkins!


The part everyone hates. I hate it too… But you get used to it, kinda! As your baby gets older they will not dirty as many diapers during the day so laundry EVENTUALLY gets easier! I have a wet bag placed in a pail that I throw the dirtied diapers into. First I dump out any solids. This is not necessary if you exclusively breastfeed as everything will just wash off in the washer OR you can purchase liners that catch all the junk and you just pick it up and toss all the solids down the toilet. These are not absorbent and they look almost like dryer sheets. I have used G brand liners and HATED them they were rough and irritated Avery’s skin I switched to bamboo ones that are super soft (JSB sales them). Once its wash time just separate the liners and covers and toss them in. Set the washer to rinse, then wash on hot, and finally rinse again! You can either hang dry or put in the dryer. No you will not have little bits of poo covering your washer! But for good measure you can run a load of whites with bleach after your diaper load to sanitize if it makes you feel better!

You can not use just any detergent. If you use just anything you will create a detergent buildup on the diapers and they will no longer absorb and you will be wearing pee constantly… and pee looks good on no one! I use Rockin’ Green detergent and love it! I also use their “funk rock” to strip the diapers from any ammonia build up! ALSO, never ever use dryer sheets as it will also build up on the diapers!


Snaps, snaps, snaps! Velcro wears out quickly and does not have the same longevity of snaps. Think about the last time you washed something with velcro, remember everything it stuck to? Enough said!


First the average amount of money saved cloth diapering is around $2,000 PER CHILD! I plan on using the same cloth diapers I have now for my next baby. I have 30 diapers and spent $17.00 a piece on them costing me $510… I slowly purchased these over the course of 3 months making the purchasing a bit easier. One of the biggest problems that you hear among cloth diapering moms is that they are addicting… The patterns, the colors, you will spend more than you need to! In fact I just ordered 2 more today… Don’t tell my husband! But once you rein yourself in its time to look at inserts. Now there are ranges depending how much you want to spend you can get microfiber which comes with the JSB diapers for $13 (includes diaper and 2 inserts) or you can upgrade to hemp or bamboo which absorb more and are thinner for extra! I use one microfiber and one hemp! Now I also bought everything at full price not knowing that they ran occasional specials so you could get the same deal for HALF the price. Yeah… still crying over that one. You can save money by buying used diapers on ebay or some trading/baby resale sites. As this is what many moms do with them once they are finished. You will be shocked at how well they hold their value!


Diaper ointment- You must use cloth diaper safe. I prefer to use California Baby diaper rash cream as it has cleared up every rash Avery has had in less than 24 hours! Plus I know it is safe to use on her.

Wipes- I use cloth wipes and made them myself! Just wet them down put them in the warmer and throw them in with the dirty diaper wash. No extra step or work needed besides wetting them. I used to use disposable wipes even after using cloth diapers but I needed a trash can in the room just for the wipes AND they would stink if there was a poopy wipe sitting in there. Plus as an added bonus its just more money saved. My homemade wipes are one side terrycloth one side flannel but you can also just purchase inexpensive baby washcloths and use those!


I dare you try to tell me that those little cloth diapered butts are not the cutest thing you have ever seen… I dare you.



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