Disneyland with a 1 year old.

So for my daughters first birthday we decided a fun gift would be to take her to Disneyland.  Up until I got pregnant we have always been season pass holders to disneyland and are frequent flyers to the magical park and although she will not remember the trip we def made plenty of memories to make up for that!

My only complaint for the entire trip was the HEAT it was miserable… It was over 100 degrees both days we were there and our poor princess was miserable from the heat but we made the most of it.

Here is a list of things to bring for your one year old to Disneyland:

1. Sunscreen… even if its cloudy or winter or WHATEVER… sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

2. For convenience we brought the little organic squeeze pouches for her meals. This was brilliant as I did not have to worry about finding a HEALTHY kid friendly mom-approved meal.

3. Stroller is not necessary as you can rent one from Disneyland but we decided to bring our own since we know that Avery would be more comfortable in hers.

4. Extra change of clothes.

5. Sweater, usually it is chilly during SoCal summer nights (although it was still probably in the high 80’s and HOT at night when we were there).

Here are a few highlights from our mini trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

IMG_3760 IMG_3801 IMG_3785 IMG_3779 IMG_3783 IMG_3803

I am so excited to go during the Holidays this next year! Few things are better than Christmas at Disneyland.

XO, Stefanie



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