First Birthday Bash

So the time finally came. One year ago my life changed and my daughter was BORN! Wow, one year.

Now I refuse to say it was all kisses, cuddles, and rainbows because any first time mother would call be out and know I was lying. It was rough but for every moment I thought I could no longer be a mother there were 10 more moments that were kisses, cuddles, and rainbows. My life did change, but for the better. I strive to not only be a better mother but wife, friend, and christian. Everyday was filled with prayers for her, for myself, for my husband because trust me there is NO way that I could have done this solo.

As her first birthday came I was so stressed on living up to this certain “standard” that I blame pintrest for. You moms know exactly what I am talking about that beautiful party with everything that appears to have come out of a magazine for pottery barn… THAT party! I decided that I was NOT going to put that pressure on myself I was going to do what I wanted and do it stress free (but believe me I still stressed). My theme was “colors” or crayons or rainbow… whatever you want to call it! But it was a fun and easy theme! 

Here are some fun pictures from our day!

My wonderful sisters helping me set up everything:


Avery was not a fan of the cake but was very much interested in her sippy cup!



Family picture!


My sisters and baby girl


Nana and papa


The back of her outfit! Found this adorable outfit on etsy from Nixi Blue Designs


And my amazing mommy group. Love each of these girls dearly! They were all born within 2 weeks of one another (busy month of celebrating).


Can’t believe how quickly one year can go and know it will just keep getting faster and better. Her is to the second year of mommyhood!

XO, Stefanie


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