Citrus Lane Review

Wow, life sure got in the way of my blogging. Heres to a restart!

So, a few months back I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for a monthly delivery for Avery from the company Citrus Lane. It is basically a subscription for a box of fun goodies for your little one that is delivered to your front door. You have no clue what is in it nor do you want to know before it hits your doorstep, as that is part of the fun! The subscription varies in price you can pay for a year in advance and it breaks down to $21/month or you can go monthly and pay $25/month.

My first 2 boxes were mediocre but because your first box is $10 off (with this code) it was worth the price I paid. I believe that CL heard the feedback from their moms in regards to their last few boxes and they quickly stepped up their game as this last month has been by far the best box we have received.

Here is what came in it:

1. This little snake guy that Avery LOVES! By Melissa and Doug


2.Zoli on-the-go snacker


This one has been amazing. I put the formula in the top and then snacks in the rest! LOVE!

3. A pack from NurturMe Organic Baby Food


This is such a cool idea. You can either make fine pureed baby food with formula/water/breastmilk or you can mix the packet into pretty much anything for your older ones and sneak some extra nutrients into their food.

4. Little Buddy Wipes by Me4kidz


These have been so handy. Its nice to have something that is antibacterial that I can use on my daughter and feel good about it!

5. $10 Credit towards Postagram (an app for your phone)

I have yet to use it but this is such a fun idea. You can send a postcard to anyone for $1. You include a picture in the postcard which they can pop out and frame/put on the fridge. It is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

6. Travel size Shampoo and Conditioner from California Baby

I already use a lot of California Baby products on my little one so I was excited to get this travel size to take with me places instead of my huge one. **Couldn’t find a pic

Well, there you have it! That is was came in my July box from Citrus Lane. Overall I have been impressed with this company and the quality of products they find to introduce to moms. Of course, you may get something you already have or hate but that is part of the risk. I would highly recommend signing up if you can and joining in on the fun of the surprise!


One thought on “Citrus Lane Review

  1. That sounds like fun! I’ll have to see if there’s a company in the UK that do the same thing. Keep up with the blogging. It can be hard to find the time (as I’m also finding) but well worth it!! :o)

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