Memorial Weekend

I was so blessed to get a visit from my sister and her little family over the weekend. We had such and incredible time! No matter how much time has passed since I have seen my sister its like we never skipped a beat. She is one of the rocks in my life and I could not have been more blessed by such and incredible example of a mother, woman, and wife!

So when her family decided to pay us a visit for the Memorial Day weekend how could I not be excited!?

We started our visit off on Saturday with a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo in Santa Barbara, Ca. Its about a 45 minute drive from my house to this lovely zoo located right on the Pacific Ocean. The park is extremely well manicured with beautiful mature trees and amazing views of the pacific ocean from parts of the park. Although the park is not huge I found it to be the perfect size and we were able to complete our tour in about 3 hours including a few little breaks for snacks! When we got to the park we felt lucky as we expected it to be extremely busy and stressful to maneuver around the park, since it was a holiday weekend. Fortunately it was just the right amount of busy! We were able to get a glimpse and spend time visiting each animal. Although there was one that we could not see soon enough “where is the lion?” became the mantra for the day, and who would have thought that it would be the last exhibit that we stumbled upon!

Here are a few of my favorite views/animals that we saw!

IMG_2222 IMG_2201

Love how you can see the ocean right behind the giraffe exhibit! A little jealous of the giraffe!

IMG_2237 IMG_2197

The next day we headed to Zuma Beach over in Malibu, Ca! We regular this beach as it is very clean and well monitored by the local sheriff and there are plenty of life guards ensuring the kiddos are all okay! The day could not be more perfect it was 70 degrees and a very very little breeze! The girls had a blast splashing around in the ocean and building small castles. My poor Avery could not have been more covered in sunscreen or clothing… Need to make sure this fair baby doesn’t get burned in the California sun! So blessed that I was able to spend the time with my nieces. Adynn is the sweetest thing in the world and not a moment goes by without Andrea cracking me up!

IMG_2391 IMG_2345IMG_2401 IMG_2361 IMG_2321 IMG_2319IMG_2286

I love my family! And California!


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