DIY Coffee Creamer

So I had one of those moments this morning… You know what I am talking about. You know when you brew that perfect fresh cup of coffee only to open the fridge to find out someone has polished off the last of the creamer. THE HORROR!!! This morning I decided not to panic, I was going to logically solve this problem (how do you do this pre coffee?!) I quickly jumped on pintrest and scoured through solutions for my coffee dilema… Make my own. WHAT!?! Brilliant. And for the first time in pretty much history I had ALL ingredients I needed to make it.  Oh the luck! My favorite thing is that there are 3 ingredients and nothing weird added to this extremely fresh creamer… Just perfectly organic, homemade goodness!

So here is what you need:

14 OZ. Milk (I used 1% but you can use whatever you have on hand), 14 oz. of Sweetened condensed milk 14 OZ., 2 TBLS vanilla extract.

I purchased my homemade vanilla from a dear friend and you can find her at Bushel & Bobbin.ImageWhisk all the ingredients together.ImageOh, the creamy goodness… Now just add to your perfectly brewed cup of coffee!ImageDon’t you just love the creamy swirls…Imagemmmm…. Time for me to enjoy my perfect cup  of coffee!

XO, Stefanie


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