BOB Stroller Adventures: Malibu Creek State Park

This past Thursday my mommy group and I planned a little hiking adventure in the Santa Monica mountains! We just recently all acquired our BOB Strollers and wanted to give them a test run while also getting in a good workout. I have been using mine for jogging but had yet to try it on rough terrain. There is an amazing stroller friendly trail at Malibu Creek State Park. It was a little hidden gem for us as it was not off of the main parking lot. The park charges $10 to park… UMMM, for us this was not okay so we found a little parking area on the corner of Las Virgenes and Mullholland. The entrance to the trail is about  quarter mile up so just a bit of a walk and you will see the entrance, look for the one with a wide path!

This trail was a mix of flat terrain with some uphills and downhills. I have to say with a stroller I much prefer the uphills as walking downhill on a dirt ground makes for a difficult hike! The day was pretty much near perfect in the low 70’s with just a few picture perfect clouds in the sky. After about an hour walk out we decided to head on back making for the perfect baby nap and mama chats!

I have to say I was quite impressed with the BOB stroller (SE Revolution). It handled the terrain well and the shocks made for a smooth ride for Avery. One of my favorite features of the stroller is the very large canopy cover ensuring that my very fair skinned kid stayed out of the sun (but she was sunscreened for good measure). I love how the stroller has the option to look the front wheel or keep it swivel as I use both of these features. This is not your everyday stroller as it is heavy and bulky taking up most of my trunk space. This is a stroller I will not mind getting dirty as its made for adventures! There are lots of fun memories to be made with this bad boy and this one was only the beginning!

Here are some pictures from our beautiful day!

From left to right: Avery, Brooke, Claire


Halfway through our hike! Such a beautiful spot!Image

My little princess excited about the day!Image



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