DIY Elastic Baby Headband

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make headbands for your little girl. The best part about these is you are not married to a specific bow giving you a little more creativity during the “dress up” process of your little one! Cause if you are anything like me picking out an outfit for your little girl is just as fun as when you dressed up your barbie when you were 6 years old!

Here are the stars of the show and what you need to make the headbands:

Hot glue, 5/8 fold elastic in assorted colors, needle and thread.


Measure out your elastic:

0-3 months: 13″

3-6 months: 15″

6 months+ : 16″

Adult : 17″

Place shiny sides together and sew the ends together. It doesn’t need to be pretty because you will be covering it up. Just needs to be good enough to hold it together and get the job done!

ImageAfter you have it all sewn up, to ensure those stitches stay stitched place put a little glue over the entire seam. Once you have done that take a small piece of the elastic (just enough to wrap around and cover the stitched area). Glue one side down wrap the elastic around and secure it with glue.

ImageAnd you have done it! Now you can customize each headband with any bow! These ended up costing me .56 cents a piece to make and 3 hours of my time! PLUS I even have enough left over to make a second set if I wanted to… So really they cost .28 cents!Image

Would have included a picture Avery wearing them but by the time I got these done she was in bed! And keeping her up late for my own selfish blogging needs seemed irresponsible… #parentproblems.

Enjoy your own headband making, Cheers!



7 thoughts on “DIY Elastic Baby Headband

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  2. I still remember those days when I would play dress up with Barbie! It’s even better now that I have a little girl of my own that I can dress up all cute every day. These headbands are so cute I’ll have to make some myself; one for each day of the week!

    • Hi- I had a difficult time finding fun colors at my local JoAnn’s I ended up ordering them from an online etsy store. The one I bought them from no longer sales them but tons of them do and at a great price! Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Stef for the tutorial. I had ordered some of this elastic about two years ago. I got about 10 yards real cheap. It’s been sitting there. I decided to make hair bows and head bands for my Girl Scouts this weekend. Your tutorial helped me with the head part. I sewed the ends together with my sewing machine (I shortened the stitch length and went over, back, fhennover again). Then I just glued the seam open before I placed the small wrap around it. I am pleased with how they came out. Thanks!

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