Essentials for babies first day at the beach!

Today we decided to head down to Zuma Beach in Malibu for a little sun and relaxation! I have to admit I was slightly stressed out about bringing Avery to the beach for the first time and terrified that I would forget something or that her skin would get burned (which would inevitably lead me to uncontrollably crying for hours). So I did what any normal mother would do and took everything except her crib!

So here is a list of things that are a MUST:

1. HUSBAND… I mean who is going to carry everything?


Now that we have the most essential item what he needs to carry-

2. Sunblock- A MUST as most moms know. I have fallen in love with the Honest Companies products and use their sunblock… Check it out you will love it, and everything else!

3. BOB stroller- This beast can handle the sand and makes the perfect pack mule if you are without your #1 item! Also made a great place for baby to nap.

4. Food for baby- Avery is 7 months so we just kept it to formula for her making that easy. But for older ones Plum Organics are easy to pack and a healthy snack on the go!

5. Umbrella- This is essential for little ones as you don’t want them to be in direct sun for hours on end.

6. Big outdoor blanket- Made a great space for baby to sprawl out without getting sand everywhere and also stayed cleaner than a lonely towel!

7. Sand Toys- Avery was still a little young to really understand the concept of playing in the sand so we probably could have left these at home until she was a bit older.

Everything else I brought could have been left at home. And yes believe it or not there was more… LOTS more! What can I say I am a first time mom and still feel the need to be prepared in every situation! Hopefully this helps in you future trip to the beach this summer!

Here are a few pics from our day of fun! Cheers- Stef




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