Review: Jessica Alba’s – The Honest Life

Recently I picked up a copy of Jessica Albas book “The Honest Life”.


I had been familiar with her company as I used her diapers prior to starting cloth diapering and I still use her wipes when I am on the go! Upon first opening the book I noticed how much I loved the format, it is an easy guide broken down into different sections such as food, style, beauty, etc…  I read the book cover to cover and love how I can go back and reference specific sections of the book when I need a quick refresher! The best part is she “keeps it real” by letting you know when she does not always make the best health conscious decisions… Sometimes you just need those gel nails!

By the end of the book I was completely bewildered. My world was shattered! How could I have been so stupid? I should have known that on a scale from 0-10 my beloved moisture-rich shampoo was rated a toxic 7! I should have known that my babies “tear free” wash was only tear free because there was a chemical numbing agent in it so her little eyes could not feel it burning!

I have always been a big advocate for knowing what is going into my body especially when it comes to the food that we eat. I never really gave my lotion or shampoo a second thought. You can now guess where all my beauty and cleaning products went… yup right in the trash. My husband thought I was crazy but I was inspired and angry, only a little angry at Jessica (yes we are on first name basis) for shattering my chemical laden world! But more angry that I had been duped by big companies with their “hypoallergenic” and “unscented” lies!

Basically this book is a must have for all moms and non moms alike! It gives great tips on how to live a clean, healthy, natural life without sacrificing!

Visit to purchase the book and also to find out more about honest products!

Enjoy- Stefanie


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