DIY onesie. Well, kinda…

So I have been seeing a lot of things on pintrest on how to do appliqués onto onesies. Being the person I am decided to give it a go… I should also mention if I can’t learn through the pictures most likely I will not read the instructions. So, I skimmed through a few examples and decided that it was pretty self explanatory. I have a sewing machine and for the most part know how to use it… Or at least I think I do. Really how hard could it be?

First I purchased an adorable organic cotton onesie from H&M. If you have never shopped there for baby clothes, stop reading this now and head to your closest H&M. They are so soft you might not even let your baby wear it from fear of making all the other babies jealous. Baby jealousy is a real thing, probably an epidemic!

Back to my “instruction”

Step one: Purchase plain onesie                                                                                                                                                                      Step 2: Find cute outline online print cut it out and trace onto fabric and then cute that out… thats just one step right?                                                                                       Step 3: Admire your work…



Step 4: Pin your cut out image onto the onesie



FINALLY: Sew it on… This is where it went wrong, terribly wrong.

Before I show you the what we shall refer to as the “Onesie FAIL”… Let me share what I learned from this. I should probably read directions. Assuming I had read said directions I may have found that there was a better, easier and prettier way to get the job done… So here is the finished project, a far cry of what this perfectionist was expecting, but hey I will do it better next time.


Honestly had I not done such small stitches I would have taken it off and tried again but there was no way that was coming off! Im thinking maybe my free motion foot for my machine might do better than using the traditional one. I will find out cause there will be a next time!

So heres to learning from my mistakes, CHEERS!


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